I started Sculpt in 2017 once I decided that personal training was to become my profession instead of a hobby. As a brand Sculpt has evolved over the years and includes much more than just personal training in 2021. I strongly believe that trial and error is the best way to learn and grow. Therefore, Sculpt has dabbled in clothing, supplements and competitions. You can therefore trust that any experience that you have with Sculpt has been well tested and shall provide you with exceptional value.


A Brief History Of Sculpt Training

My personal motto is; If you don't believe in yourself, why should anyone believe in you?

This is reflected strongly in the client experience. As a coach I do my upmost to limit the amount of guess work that is used for you. New clients will start with a series of assessments ranging from joint flexibility and health right up to muscle balance and max lifting numbers. I have found that this approach is ideal for each and every client from my elite athletes to working professionals to students.

I initially specialised in S&C for performance. Meaning that I was most interested in helping you lift heavier, run faster and perform at a higher level in whatever activity you enjoy doing. More recently I have bolted on pain training. No this does not mean I specialise in making clients hurt and burn in their sessions. Instead, this means that I have upskilled and work with you to help remove pain from your life; such as that niggling back pinch you get running or the knee pain you get walking for the last 10 years.

Working with Sculpt will result in you achieving some amazing things in the gym that you did not believe possible. By utilising the assessments I will know exactly how much you can lift and I will push you to achieve this. Not only do I aim to help you surpass your goals, but also to increase your confidence and self belief.


You can learn more about how to work with Sculpt here.

Stevan's Sculpt Testimonial In Full

"Having Dai as a personal trainer was a game changer for me. For having grade III/IV knee CMP, I was sceptical about returning to the gym, especially when it comes to lower body training. For quite a few years I dealt with severe knee pain and that used to lower my confidence in practicing any kind of sport.

Dai carefully evaluated my condition, built up and tailored a plan where I improved mobility, equilibrium and most importantly my confidence to be back exercising and strengthening lower body.

This impacted quite positively, not only in the lower body but in general, as I'm being able to sustain lifting for the upper body as well. I have had noticeable changes, especially on the upper body in just two months of training. Dai is also positive all the time and makes the sessions quite enjoyable. If you're considering someone to help you with injury recovery or just need some serious training, I would definitely recommend him."