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Working with Sculpt is a lot of fun, you'll have a laugh and learn a lot. But, be ready for a lot of sweat and soreness! If you've had a look through  the testimonials you will see a common theme; We will push you hard, out of your comfort zone and challenge you each and every session. This is because we take longer than the average commercial personal trainer in getting to know you.

Most city centre personal trainers are focused on client turnover and their numbers. Here at Sculpt we do things differently, we are not after a lot of clients and we set up the business to accommodate that style.

Sculpt will only take on a maximum of 2 new clients per month

We do this to ensure each client gets our full attention, especially at the start of your Sculpt journey. This way we are able to dedicate a whole month in getting to know you and ensuring that the training works for you and will get you the results that you want. After the first month we will have a solid plan in place for you to continue with.

Your Sculpt journey will start with just a chat. We will discuss your goals, time frame and previous training. This can take some time as we need to decide if we suit each other and to ensure that Sculpt training is what you need. Once we decide to work together then we will have a face to face chat, often in a coffee shop or cafe, to work out the specific details. This meeting can take anything from 30 minutes up to an hour and a half, depending on what has been discussed beforehand. During this time you will be asked to answer a few more questions (about your physiology, previous injuries, nutrition etc). This is the perfect time for you to ask us lots of questions back!

After our nice fitness chat you get to chill out while we design you an initial programme. This will include: your first week of training, your nutrition plan of action, and your first months 'homework'. We usually take 1 week to create this initial plan for you.

Then it's go time... sort of.

Once the plan has been created for you, it's every clients favourite time - baseline testing! We test each and every client at the start of their programme, the tests will include some basic strength movements (such as how many squats can you do in x amount of time) as well as some specific movements based on your goals. For example, a power lifting client will get the big 3 tested for a 5rep max.

Then it's go time!

Now that you have your plan, the goals have been established and we have your baseline data - the fun begins. Sessions will be prearranged for the month and we will get right into it. Because we spend so long getting to know each other there is no 'faffing about'. We know what you are capable of and the plans are ready.

I know this process seems to take a long time (usually at least 2 weeks) and you may just want to get stuck in and get started. But we have found that the more we know at the start of training the quicker we can help you achieve the results that you are after. We have worked in commercial gyms, churning over clients, it just doesn't sit right with us. Sculpt can change your life.


We look forward to reading your message and helping smash your goals!

Until then all the best,



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