Sculpt Consultations

With the madness of 2020 and COVID Sculpt consultations have moved online. A consultation is now conducted via zoom and will last up to 45 minutes. These won't be the most fun you have during your week, but they are essential prior to starting with Sculpt. Before any consultation, I have some key pieces of information that I want to learn about you;

  1. What are your goals and why are they your goals
  2. What has stopped you achieving your goals thus far
  3. What are your expectations from personal training/me

Answering these questions will allow me to learn more about you and what makes you tick. They will provide me with ideas and allow me to develop strategies on how I can help you and provide you with the most value.

But what should you do to prepare for a consultation? 

I strongly recommend writing down your thoughts prior to the zoom call. Spend a couple of days thinking about your goals (and why they're your goals) as well as any questions you may have for me. What may seem obvious to you at the time of booking is often forgot by the time the call comes around so writing it down is always best. It is always helpful for you to have an idea of a potential start date/your calendar so post consultation we can book in a session asap.

What happens after a consultation? 

This depends on what is discussed in the consultation. Towards the end of a consultation I will take the lead and talk about my suggested options for you based on what had been discussed. You will then have the opportunity to discuss these options in more depth and make a decision. If you decide to pursue personal training then the first session will be screening and booked before the end of the call.

It's hard to tell you much about consultations because each one is very different. This would be your chance to unload and be super honest about what you want and what you need. Therefore, I do not share what has happened in previous consultations. Just make sure to write down questions and come prepared to get the most out of the chat.


Look forward to hearing from you and discussing how I can help in the near future!

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