Training Options

There are many ways in which to work with Sculpt. Each and every client is unique and gets a bespoke plan. Hopefully this page will help give you an idea of some of the options available to you to get the most value out of working with Sculpt.

Face to Face Training

In general, Sculpt recommends having 10 sessions in the first month. This gives both sides time to build a strong rapport and build a efficient working relationship. After these initial sessions a detailed plan of action will be created going forward. These plans are unique to you, to ensure that you have the greatest chance of success and achieve your set goals efficiently.

If you are looking to train in a group or with a friend; Sculpt still recommends having the initial 10 sessions solo before joining up in the second month onwards. This is the best way to get to know each other and also provide you with essential 1-2-1 time at the start of your training. Commonly, this time will be used to assess your movement and provide Sculpt with an opportunity to address any 'red' (or orange) flags before joining with friends. The goal of this time will be to ensure longevity to your training and make sure nothing is missed or overlooked when in a group or paired setting.

Online Training

If you are not local then online training might be a great way for you to work with Sculpt. However, Sculpt refuses to be a 'numbers' trainer - this means that Sculpt will only work with a maximum one new online client per month. Since all Sculpt training is tailored to a specific client, we have no interest in providing you and 500 others with generic training. Sculpt would much rather work with 10 online clients per year and ensure that they exceed their goals and get the highest possible value from the training.

There is no guarantee for an online training space. All spaces need to be applied for and involve detailed discussions about whether Sculpt is the perfect fit for you and your situation. If Sculpt isn't a perfect fit for you, we will work hard to find you a company/person who is to help.

Short Term

Sometimes all you need is a bit of advice or some testing. Therefore, Sculpt has created a few different bundles to help give you the instant support that you need. The bundles change depending on demand so your best bet is to have a chat and we can work out what suits you. An example of a bundle is; Sculpt Health Testing.

Sculpt Health Testing (SHT)  - this bundle involves a maximum of three face to face sessions as well as up to 10 remote sessions for you to complete. The testing sessions will progressively test your body to search for any potential training 'red flags', starting with your flexibility and mobility and eventually moving onto your muscle balance scores. Based on your own results, you will receive a few remote sessions to complete to incorporate into your training to help you improve your scores.