Here at Sculpt we have worked with a huge variety of clients; from students to office workers right up to those competing at international sport events. Each client will have a bespoke and unique programme to follow to ensure their specific goals are met and exceeded.

Take a look around this page to see what clients have said about working with Sculpt - hopefully they don't scare you off!

Darren, M40+ Amateur Runner

“I have been working with Dai on a weekly basis since October 2016. I am primarily a runner with an interest in cycling, swimming and triathlon. I contacted Dai to get help to improve my core stability and strength with a view to improve my running stamina, style and posture. I am aiming at improving my times for a variety of distances and am currently training for the London Marathon. 

Since our first consultation he had been nothing but professional. He is very supportive with an understanding and knowledge of a large variety of training methods. Our session are always well planned and he had managed to keep them varied and different each time. Dai has a better understanding of my limits than I do and always seems to know how far he can push me. 

I has been a pleasure working with Dai and I am looking forward to making further improvements in the future. I especially appreciated his patience, support and understanding on the days I'm not feeling too great (of which there seems to be far too many).”

Ruth, F50+ Manager

Just completed my 8th session with Dai. Not only do I feel stronger and fitter but am now more confident in my own abilities - this was not true just a few weeks ago. Dai has pushed me to my limits which constantly surprises me with what I can now do - given I am not a young lass! Thank you Dai!

Tom, M25 Office Worker

After just five sessions I'm already feeling a difference. Dai's shown me some great new exercises, fixed some problems with my technique and given me a whole new approach to training. He also pushes me to my limit every session. I'd recommend Dai to anyone, whatever their level of fitness.

Darrell, M29 Working Professional 

I have been training with Dai for over 6 months which should indicate how much I've enjoyed the sessions. My confidence in the gym has grown significantly especially on equipment I may have typically avoided. The sessions are incredibly challenging but with a lot of good humour. I would never feel disheartened if I was struggling with a particular exercise. Dai would just mix it up to keep me motivated and make sure I got the most out of the session and it remained a challenge.

I would recommend Sculpt to anyone with a serious desire to get in shape or anyone looking for a new challenge in the gym.

Hannah, Female Roller Derby Athlete

"Since a run of group PT sessions I'd been doing with my roller derby team ended around 18 months ago, I had really fallen out of the habit of completing workouts that stretched and challenged me. Since March (2018) I've been working with Dai and that has really turned things around! His understanding of sport specific goals is excellent, and although he didn't have a background in roller derby he has done a lot of research around the sport (including coming to watch me play) to make sure that he can tailor a suitable programme for me. 

In particular I've really appreciated not only having someone to push me further than I would push myself, but someone who can explain exercises in terms of their mechancis and also their specific benefits. It has meant that everything I do, I can keep a goal in mind. Training with Dai has been fun and challenging, and my skating has levelled up too. I'd definitely recommend working with him."

Andy, Football Goalkeeper

I am a goalkeeper and was looking to improve my speed, power and agility and I can say that with Dai’s patience and support he has helped me improve my performances within my sport. I have been working with Dai for only 8 weeks and in that time he has helped significantly improve my sprinting and jump performances in my matches. Furthermore, Dai has helped improve my confidence within the gym and using an array of the gym equipment to get the best workouts!” 

Julian, Masters Swimmer

As a 50+ year old master swimmer, Dai promised me that he could improve my swimming times without having to swim more or go to a gym – too good to be true!? (I am anti-gym after a bad experience 20 odd years ago when recovering from a serious knee injury). After an initial consultation to find my weaknesses, he devised a home exercise program for me to follow 2 to 3 times a week. I must say the results have been impressive and I am looking forward to the next masters swimming competition and anticipating improved times

Emanuil, M26

"I was a beginner preparing for my first 10km run on an ambitious schedule, with little previous running training. I made it through the run without stopping a single time. Dai's training and focus on understanding key problems with pain and running mechanics was critical to my success."

Ruth, F50+

“Just completed my 8th session with Dai. Not only do I feel stronger and fitter but am now more confident in my own abilities – this was not true a few weeks ago. Dai has pushed me to my limits which constantly surprises me with what I can now do – given I am not a young lass!

Thank you Dai!”

Naomi, F20

The first programme has been brilliant. The initial consultation was really thorough and you’ve [Dai] kept in regular contact throughout the programme giving any needed support and advice. The programme incorporated a wide range of exercises to hit the target muscles and it made each session exciting and new. It’s been intense but manageable and I’ve seen a lot of changes in my progress and bodyweight already

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